Lunch Break - in a galaxy far, far away..

After completing Death Star construction earlier this week we decided to develop the film (insert the memory card)  and review the many photographs that we had captured during the project. This is a lunch break photo that was snapped during the last stage of construction. It does look oddly familiar.

lego death star construction lunch break


Lego Death Star Complete

This is the largest set that we have ever built. It has 3803 pieces and includes 24 minifigures. It took us almost 20 hours to build but was always fun, we were always excited to see what we were constructing next. This set has so many features and movable parts that it really is a playset and not just a model. The Death Star also includes Darth Vader's TIE Advanced Starfighter and 6 exclusive minifigures only found in this set. Check out our photos below.

Lego Death Star


Lego Death Star

TIE Advanced Fighter

Luke Skywalker

Death Star

Lego Death Star

We will post more pictures in the coming days as we play with the set and position all the minifigures.


A Bionicle New Years

Progress on the Death Star was slow today as other home projects kept us busy. We should be able to complete construction tomorrow and have lots of photos to share. While the Death Star is still underway Keegan was able to spend sometime with his Bionicle collection and do a quick build amidst the Death Star Construction. Hope everyone enjoys their New Years Eve.



Lego StarWars BrickMaster book

Today we worked on a couple models from the Lego StarWars BrickMaster book. The book came with 240 Bricks and 2 Figures. The book contains instructions to build any two of 8 total models. We decided to build the VTS (Varied Terrain Speeder) and the AT-RT Walker. We have included photos of the book and the completed models. This was a fun book and we enjoyed the sets.

Lego Brick Master


Lego VTS


Tomorrow we will have updates on the Death Star as we near it's completion. We worked on some exciting features of the set today and we will have lots of photos to share.


Lego Death Star build continues..

We didn't get to spend as much time building today as we had hoped but we did make some progress on the main level. Some of the more detailed and cool features are taking shape. This is a model that shows good in the Lego magazine and on their website but it looks more impressive in real life.

Check out a couple quick pictures of our progress.

Lego Death Star under construction


Lego Death Star building


Lego Death Star build underway.

The Death Star build is underway. Actually we have been working on it, on and off,  for the last couple days. Things are progressing well and it appears that we are approaching the halfway mark. It really is a monster project but in typical Lego fashion the instructions are excellent and things have progressed really smoothly.

Lego Death Star Under Construction

Lego Death Star Vader inspection

Stay tuned for updates over the next couple days as we hopefully wrap up the build. 


Volkswagen T1 Camper Van complete

This is definitely one of our favorite sets. The attention to detail both inside and out is incredible. Even items that are largely hidden from view are still so detailed. If you are a Volkswagen fan you will love this model and even if your not you will still appreciate the workmanship. 

lego volkswagen camper


lego volkswagen camper side

volkswagen camper van back

volkswagen camper van interior

volkswagen camper van motor

Stay tuned tomorrow for our first updates from our Death Star build.


Happy Boxing Day - Let the building begin..

Hope Santa brought everyone lots of Lego. Lots of exciting builds underway here at Daily Bricks. Christmas morning proved to be very plentiful on the Lego front and we have several new sets to share with you.

8016 Hyena Droid Bomber

10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van

10188 Death Star (3803 pcs) 

Stay tuned over the next week as we work on these sets. We will try to provide time lapsed photos on the Death Star build as we anticipate it will take a few days to complete. You should see the building instructions, it's Huge!

Here is a photo of the completed Hyena Droid Bomber.

Lego Hyena Droid Bomber


Happy Holidays from Daily Bricks

You a Merry Christmas I wish. 

Star Wars Christmas

We will be back with our Daily Lego post on boxing day (Dec 26th). We are hoping that Santa will come through with some new Lego sets Christmas morning and we will have lots of new photos to share.


Day 24 of Lego StarWars Advent Calendar

And the final day is of course Santa Yoda.

Lego Santa Yoda